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Appeal for committee members from Tanja Traditional Group Co-ordinator

The Traditional group needs volunteers for various roles. This is that we can carry on as a group.  I have taken over from Karen. The show must go on.

Newsletter editor Michelle has done her term and Karen has kindly offered to carry on to edit two more magazines.  If you have a computer, you are qualified.  You are not on your own the committee will help you.  Interested and would like to learn something new then contact Karen at Karen will guide you and let you know what you need.

We also need a Young Quilter’s Officer. Lorchen will retire from this post this year.

 Most of us are grandmothers and if you are not, you still qualify. I bet you do projects with your grandchildren big or small. Maybe you are teacher, used to teach children.  This is a very rewarding post getting young people involved and carrying on our tradition.

Good thinking of challenges? Maybe you organise challenges to your group then why not be challenge officer for the Traditional group.

Any further information you want to know please email me at