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Julie Mccready

Julie McCready
A creator and teacher! Wife, Mother, Homemaker, Gardener, Caretaker of 7 chickens and a Therapy Dog called Sydney.
Hello, my heart has always been in the Yorkshire countryside. It gives me daily pleasure and inspiration. I love to sew, paint, felt and photograph nature. I am a wife and mother of two grown up children. I have been a primary teacher for over 25 years and recently trained as a Forest School Leader. Now I work from home, our renovated farm workers cottage, creating and selling my work and leading workshops.
One of my earliest memories is sitting under my mums sewing table picking up the scraps and stitching them together. I just love to learn new techniques and break rules when creating.
I am leading workshops at 'Cotton Cocktails' Thorpe Arch North Yorkshire stitched sketched containers February 10th 2019 and landscape top stools 11th March 2019
I am learning and exploring how to screen print on fabric at the moment and will be taking part in a 'Print and Repeat' exhibition 14-17th March 2019 at Birmingham NEC
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