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Exhibition – “A Living Tradition”

The Traditional Quilt Group has been invited to exhibit at the Knitting and Stitching Show, Olympia, London from 14th-17th March 2013 and has put together a collection of quilts celebrating the “Living Tradition” of quilting in 21st Century Britain. Curated by Linda Seward, the group has collected over 60 quilts from members throughout the UK which show that the traditions of the past can produce quilts for the modern age.

Many of the techniques used in British quiltmaking are centuries old and have been developed by thousands of patch-workers and quilters to provide a rich resource of styles and patterns which influence modern quilters of all disciplines. This collection of quilts, made solely by members of the Traditional Quilt Group, recognises the rich heritage of British quiltmaking and shows how the craft’s “Living Tradition” still has much to inspire the future.

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