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Facebook Group

 We have a Facebook group for Traditional Quilt group members.

Privacy, safety and security are very important to both our group and The Quilter's Guild. This is a private group and only Traditional Group members who have asked to join and been approved can see and comment on the conversation and pictures posted by other members. 

We currently have 60 members but would love to welcome many more!

To join us you need to have a Facebook account. After this all you require is your membership number, which we use to verify you are a TQG member. Go to: https// and click 'Join this group'.

Once you've clicked 'join' you will be asked for your membership number. N.B. If you already have a Facebook account under a different name than the one QGBI have for you, please let us have that name too. Your answer will only be visible to the administrators of the group.

That's it, all you have to do is then wait for an administrator to approve you.

If you have any questions or need some help please don't be shy to get in touch.


     t: 07481899006