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About Traditional Quilt Group

Welcome to the Traditional Quilt Group.  We are a very inclusive band of patchworkers and quilters who have a wide variety of skills and techniques between us.  Not for us the straw needle and candlelight – we use modern tools and make modern quilts it is just that we use traditional blocks, techniques and ideas whilst embracing the modern world to enable us to make more and more quilts.

We are a diverse group and our quilts range from wholecloth to appliqué and complex piecing, from large bed sized quilts to small wall hangings and much more.  Members work by both hand and machine to produce some stunning quilts.

It currently costs an additional £10 per year to join us and that is mainly to cover the costs of printing and delivering our colourful newsletter, In The Frame, three times a year.  This keeps all members up to date with what is going on and also allows them to send in items of interest such as a favourite quilt, or exhibitions report, etc.  We also have a facebook and Yahoo groups for the more computer and internet savvy.

Do join us - the more the merrier.